Monday, August 2, 2010

Almost time for school

It's been a while!

So my funds have gone back up to about a thousand, and will go over it by the time summer gets here, so now we can assess my options for Ireland:

1. Get a job during school, risking precious study time and homework time between college life and classes, hope to reach the $3,000 mark and go next summer.

2. Go back to my summer job next summer, work to $3,000 and go the summer after that. Obviously, that'll take a long, long time.

3. Go on a cheaper tour next summer. Quick way to go to Ireland, but I'll be in the country for much less time.

The good news for the first two options, I met a performer named Pat Kane when he came to Chattanooga, and he let me play bodhran along side him while he played the fiddle. He also gives tours for $3,000, and he PAYS for the airfare from JFK airport in New York!

So many options, let's hope for the best, shall we? Will try to update again soon. Thank you for reading!

You can help me go to Ireland! If you are in a good place financially, you can send a donation to my paypal account - Thank you so much for any and all donations!

Le gra