Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Quick Update

Haven't been on here a long time, so I'm gonna do a quick, short, update and then hit the sack.

Ireland fund is not doing so hot. Took some major hit with expenses since school ended (oh, btw, schools over!). I'm NOT giving up, however! Got my tour guiding job back this summer, so I'm gonna make up for lost expenses. Hopefully, I'll find a job when I get back to school. That way I could most likely go next summer.

More bad news. Turns out the total of how much the entire tour will cost (with air fare, souvenir money, emergency fund, yadda yadda) about $3,500 rather than $3,000. Not catastrophic.

Down, but not out. My ambition is not faltering.

Good news now!

New song! "Ireland's Call" performed by Celtic Thunder. Makes the hairs on my friggin' neck stand on end! Look it up on Youtube! I COMMAND YOU TO!

You can help me get to Ireland! If you are in a good place financially and feel for my plight, you can send me a donation of any size to my paypal - my paypal e-mail is Any and all donations are appreciated and shall be repaid in never-ending thank you's and a full report of my trip once I return!

I hate begging, but I really need all the help I can get in this endeavor.

Le gra,
Taylor "Angus" Gibson

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  1. I happened upon your post in a Google alert and find your interest in Ireland much like mine started out. I've been to Ireland 3 times and plan to return again. Just something about the country that pulls me back again. Unless you are planning on going extravagantly or for more than 3 weeks, $3000 should be more than enough to cover all your expenses including air fare. Going with someone and sharing room costs and car rental helps. You can see some of my travels at my blogspot if you are interested.

    I've started writing a story since, so you will have go to back in the archives to June 2009 for my last trip. You might enjoy the story as it's all based on Ireland. :)
    Good luck in your endevours.