Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Ultimate Goal

My ultimate goal, my dream, my quest is to go to Ireland. I've saved up for about a year now, and am halfway to my goal of three grand. That money will pay for a 10+ day bus-tour going all around Ireland, as well as food, souvenirs, and (I hope) plane ticket. If it's not enough for plane ticket, then that means more saving.

And more waiting.

I'm usually a pretty patient person. However, in my unspoken goal to learn as much as I can about Ireland, my patience wears pretty thin. Ireland is so beautiful and so full of places I long to see. As it is now, with no income until the summer, I will probably not get to Ireland by the end of this coming summer, which is my biggest wish. I will probably have to wait till the summer after to go, which while I'd finally reach the ultimate go of actually going to Ireland, is unbearable for me to think of in regards to the wait. One of my good friends advised me to advertise my Paypal account to see if people would donate to the cause. -shrugs- Maybe it'll work. If you're feeling so inclined to help me, if you find it in your heart of hearts to send a young man to Ireland to achieve his dreams, AND if you're in a good place financially, my e-mail for my paypal is

I'm stuck between two different bus tour providers - and

Paddywagon tours All-Ireland Deluxe Tour Pros:
Cheaper (but not by much)
Goes all around Ireland (including Belfast in Northern Ireland, a place I want to go to as it was where the Titanic was built).

Feels restricted to bus travel, a lot of time spent in a bus.
Doesn't seem to be a lot of freedom to do as you please.

Tenon Tours Irish Immersion Luxury Upgrade Tour Pros:
LOTS of freedom to do as you please, something I hold very dear.
Goes to most of the highlights in Republic of Ireland (not Northern)
Goes to Cobh (Titanic's last port of call)
Accomodations are second to none.
Truly immersed into the Irish culture.

Little pricey
No Belfast (However, I could always do a 2+ night tour of Belfast at a later time)

Let me know what you guys think I should do...that is if anyone's reading this blog.

Le gra

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