Saturday, February 6, 2010

Foreshadowing Ireland

I have already told my few readers about having my eyes open to Ireland via a Celtic Woman video on Youtube. To me, that's the "realization" of my love for Ireland...yet it wasn't the beginning.

The actual beginning of my love for Ireland began in high school. I was in several choruses at school, studying under a big name teacher - Lew Cisto, a very kind and encouraging man, who helped many students find their talents. While I don't see myself anywhere near as talented as his most distinguished subjects, Mr. Cisto was very encouraging of the talent I did have.

One day, I happened to come across my favorite song from Lion King 2 (go figure) - "We Are One." I sang it for my parents, and they thought I sounded like an Irish ballad singer when I sang it. I sang it again with Mr. Cisto, and he took a moment to think about it and said,

"You know, Angus, I like that. It really does sound like an Irish ballad."

He didn't say much more at the time, and I put it out of my mind. But later, he'd say multiple times, usually on the way to class:

"Angus, if you exercise that Irish voice of yours and pick up maybe an instrument, you could make a great side living, you know?"

I took it as a massive compliment, but I didn't think much of it. And I'm not saying that I'm going to start trying to make a side living as an American singing Irish music...

                                                                                              ...but you never know.

Le gra.

P.S. Still only halfway to acquiring funds for Ireland. Income is at a stand-still in college. :(

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  1. Hey Taylor, I spotted a comment of yours on Lisa Kelly's blog, mentioning your own blog, so I thought I'd come give it a read. 'Seems we have some things in common! :) You should give my blog a read sometime, you'll see what I mean. In the meantime, good luck! I know how hard it can be to raise funds etc, I'm in the same boat myself, but you'll make it eventually and when you do I'm sure it'll be incredible.