Wednesday, February 3, 2010

People Who Push You

Throughout your life, you will find people who will push you to do anything, even things you didn't know you would ever want/could/should do. There will be people who will push you to pursue your dreams even when you don't have the strength or motivation to do it yourself. You can't always trust you parents to support your dreams - at least, not in the ways only your friends can. As you all know if you've read my blog, my dream is to go to Ireland - a dream that has proved to be quite challenging to fulfill thus far, but I am lucky to have a few people in my life who push me to pursue my dreams to the best of my abilities.

Celtic Woman Forum - O.k. This one is pretty obvious. My love for Ireland was realized via Celtic Woman, so no doubt I'd be getting some reassuring nods of approval and encouragement from the lovely folks at CWF. Just to name a few - Rich (OldFatGuy), Chris Ropes (CRRopes), shankdee, Chris Brillante, Gaby Brillante, and Sara. (Muah muah to Sara)

I'd also like to point out the folks at Lisa Kelly and Mairead Nesbitt forums. Sure, they may not actually know that they have indirectly supported my dream, but their love for LK, MN, and CW always rejuvenates my spirits and help me push onward.

My Mother - Though she tries to be realistic in ways sometimes detrimental to my dream's pursuit, she has always supported my decision to go to Ireland.

My best friend, Joe - High school friendships die hard when they go their separate ways in college, and the same can be said for my friendship to Joe. When Mom is putting me down and telling me there's no way I could go to Ireland by this coming summer, Joe has always been there to let me vent and get my head on straight.

Holly - We've never met in person - she lives in New Zealand and we met in an online Harry Potter roleplaying game chatroom (don't judge me). In the past year, she and I have reconnected and I have since gone on and on to her about my love for Ireland. Her never-ending support, even though our chats are relatively infrequent in relation to the other folks, is so vital in my race against time and money to find a way to the Emerald Isle.

Kimberly - One of my dearest friends who has become not unlike a sister to me. She has perhaps been my strongest supporter - pushing me to find a plan to make my dream to go to Ireland this summer happen. Without her support, I'd probably have given up on a lot of things including Ireland.

I can't express enough how thankful I am to know these people, as well as how much their love and support mean to me.

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