Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Paddy's Day!

Cead mile failte! (A hundred thousand welcomes to you!)

Lord, I'm glad to be back. Sorry for not posting in a while. My computer was having tons of problems, so I had to wait until my trip to Hendersonville to have my extremely tech-savvy cousin fix it. Now my computer is fixed and running SO smoothly!

ANYWAYS, Happy Saint Patrick's Day! I'm not gonna make an extremely long post as I have classes and *ahem* plans. ;-) What I WILL put in this post is some interesting facts about Saint Patrick's Day and its country of origin...IRELAND, of course!

Saint Patrick (Sanctus Patricius in Latin) is the most generally recognized patron saint in Ireland. He was a missionary who came to Ireland to spread God's Word. Legend has it that he introduced the concept of the Trinity to the native Irish people using a shamrock - hence why the shamrock is so closely associated with Ireland.

St. Patrick is believed to have died on March 17th, 493, which is why March 17th became a holiday - to remember St. Patrick's work.

The shamrock's importance shows up later in Irish history. When the Irish wanted to break away from British rule, their sign of rebellion was to put a shamrock on their caubeen hats. They would also wear green as the color for the Society of United Irishmen. At that time, wearing green was punishable by hanging!

Off to celebrate!

Le gra

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